Add Water

Working With Water

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Flowing Water
Flowing water is a restful enhancement to a landscape's design. Fountains are either rising jets or downward falls, and many fountains use a combination of both. A freestanding masonry fountain or one made of excavated rock can be sized to fit the overall dimensions of your waterscaped area.

A fountain can also be made of statuary in the shape of animal or human figures. The type you choose should complement the architectural style of your home. Cascading fountains might have multiple bowls stacked like stairs and be made of copper, porcelain or any hard material that can hold water.
In every style from rustic and simple to elaborate and ornate, a water fountain is a welcome feature in almost any garden, deck or patio. The sound of running, moving water has a tranquilizing effect on most and invites relaxation. Whether a fountain is the flowing centerpiece in a lavish landscape environment, or a trickle of water from one copper bowl to another, it is an invitation to slow down and rest a while.

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